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MWPP RPG : Owlery
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'I solemnly swear, I am up to no good...

Welcome to MWPP_OWLS! The Owl Forum for the LJ Marauder's RP mwpp. Basically, it's the place where you post owls that are related to the RPG.

Head on over to mwpp for the main RPG


Here's a list, for reference, of those with their own owls, and their names.

Sirius Black - Pallas
Remus J. Lupin - Argent (aka Bludger)
Rita Skeeter - Magpie
Hestia Jones - Ava
Lucius Malfoy - Constantine
Alice Hunt - Dee
Andromeda Black - Eris
Emmaline Vance - Daisy
Narcissa Black - Neige
Frank Longbottom - York
Glenda Chittock - Buttons
Severus Snape - Ophiuchus

alastor moody, albus dumbledore, ancient runes, animagi, argus filch, arithmancy, arthur weasley, astronomy, avada kedavra, bartemius crouch, beauxbatons, bill weasley, binns, broomsticks, buckbeak, butterbeer, care of magical creatures, cedric diggory, chamber of secrets, charlie weasley, charms, cho chang, chocolate frogs, crabb, crookshanks, cruciatus curse, dark arts, death eaters, dementors, detention, diagon alley, divination, draco malfoy, dragons, dudley dursley, durmstrang, england, expecto patronum, fawkes, femslash, filius flitwick, firebolt, fred weasley, george weasley, gilderoy lockhart, ginny weasley, goblet of fire, golden snitch, goyle, gringotts, gryffindor, harry potter, hedwig, herbology, hermione granger, het, hogsmeade, hogwarts, hufflepuff, imperius curse, james potter, lily evans, lily potter, lucius malfoy, ludo bagman, madam hooch, madam irma pince, madam poppy pomfrey, magic, metamorphmagi, millicent bulstrode, minerva mcgonagall, minister of magic, ministry of magic, mirror of erised, moony, morsmordre, muggles, mwpp, narcissa malfoy, newts, nimbus 2000, nymphadora tonks, oliver wood, ollivander, order of the phoenix, owls, padfoot, pansy parkinson, percy weasley, peter pettigrew, petunia dursley, potions, prisoner of azkaban, prongs, quidditch, quirrell, ravenclaw, remus lupin, rita skeeter, roleplay, roleplaying, ron weasley, rpg, rping, rubeus hagrid, seamus finnigan, severus snape, sibyll trelawney, sinistra, sirius black, slash, slytherin, snape, sorcerer's stone, sprout, the leaky cauldron, the marauder's map, the marauders, three broomsticks, tom riddle, transfiguration, unforgivable curses, vampires, vector, vernon dursley, viktor krum, voldemort, walden macnair, wands, werewolves, witches, wizards, wormtail, yaoi, yuri. [modify yours]